E-Signing Service

ZID aims to revolutionise the document-signing process with the distinguished features of Zetrix blockchain: trust and traceability.
  • It allows document-signing to be managed safely, cost effectively and transparently, which improves the efficiency of most legal, financial and commercial agreements.
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Blockchain Technology

Zetrix’s blockchain technology integrates cryptography, distributed databases and decentralised networks in the e-signing process. By using their public keys, individuals can verify the signatures on digital identity credentials (also known as VC), which they can also exchange with their peers to provide proof of claims.
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Avoid copyright infringement

After all parties have signed, the user can download, preserve or share the signed documents safely!

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The blockchain technology supports multiple signatures to meet various demands on different occasions.

It records the time and identities of all the signatories accurately.

Certification 2

Verification in just a second

Certification Authorities, who serve as verifiers, will facilitate the e-signing process and verify the transaction’s authenticity.

The Bridge between China and other countries


  1. The Chinese party signs the contract powered by Xinghuo, while the international party does the same on Zetrix.
  2. Limited to agreements/contracts that are bound by Chinese law.
The Chinese party will integrate the Application Programming Interface (API) from the Ministry of Public Security to verify the identity of a signatory, while the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS) will verify the agreement/contract.

International Countries

  1. The know-your-customer (KYC) and Certification Authority (CA) process for non-Chinese/International parties: To integrate with Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), then create an account with the China CA.
  2. International companies certified by international CA will be recognised by Zetrix for cross-border signing.
  3. Multi-party Analysis and Diverse Ways of Signing: ZID Blockchain Signing supports single-party and multi-party signing, which meets the demand of clients in many contexts including business-to-business (B2B) and business-to- government (B2G).